Completing the Retroshare Web Interface – GSOC’22

Dieser Artikel stammt von Zur Quelle wechseln. Wir sind weder der Autor noch beziehen deise sich alle auf Lindweiler! Introduction The Web interface for Retroshare Application is under process. Many features are functional but there is still a lot of work to do and fix. This GSOC project aims at developing the web interface … Weiterlesen

[GSoC’21] RetroShare Mobile : Final Evaluations


Dieser Artikel stammt aus den Prologue : Hello everyone This is the final update on the GSoC 2021- Retroshare Mobile App Project. Recap : The goal of the project in the second half was: Created a new flutter retroshare API wrapper package. Adding support of image in Chat. Added Shimmer Effect for better UI interface. … Weiterlesen

[GSoC’21] RetroShare Mobile

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Dieser Artikel stammt aus den Prologue : Hello everyone This is the first update on the GSoC 2021- Retroshare Mobile App Project. Recap : The goal of the first project was: Upgrading the project with new statemangement tool. Adding short invite and QR code invite feature. Adding import account functionality. Upgrading the project with … Weiterlesen

Retroshare Web Interface: Final Update

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The GSoC program is about to finish, and this will be my last GSoC-related blog post for Retroshare’s new web interface. I will use this blog to provide an overview of how the app works, all my work done during this period, features, completed milestones, what couldn’t be completed, and future roadmap. I will also … Weiterlesen

GSoC 2019 – Import public datasets to Retroshare network final evalutaion

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Hi all! On this final evaluation we focus the work on give to the automatic API wrapper generator support for openapi-swagger specification. As Wikipedia said: The OpenAPI Specification, is a specification for machine-readable interface files for describing, producing, consuming, and visualizing RESTful web services. In addition, there are lots of tools that generate the front and … Weiterlesen

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