Finishing an app for network capability for the LibreMesh OS

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Dieser Artikel stammt aus den Hi! I’m Tomás on my last post about the LibreMesh Application (now just LimeApp). It was really fun to work with Altermundi on this project and I like the results that we achieve. I hope that everyone enjoys this post just like I enjoyed working on the application! So, … Weiterlesen

LibreMesh Pirania UI – A final overview

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Dieser Artikel stammt aus den Hello Freifunk community! Working on this project has been amazing, not only have I been able to work hand in hand with great developers but I have also learned a lot of things related to software development that will probably be useful for me in the future. The main … Weiterlesen

LibreMesh Pirania UI – Design Proposal

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Dieser Artikel stammt aus den Hello Freifunk community After having spent several weeks inquiring into the LibreMesh project, I have continued working with my mentors Santiago and Germán to think about some improvements for the Pirania plugin. For this reason, the main idea of this post is to expose the functionalities that we have … Weiterlesen

Load-correlated distributed bandwidth analysis for LibreMesh networks – #4: Conclusions and further work

Here I describe everything I did for my Google Summer of Code project this year. First of all, thanks to Freifunk and LibreMesh communities and developers for the opportunity!The work I did is quite spread, from general documentation to bug fixing and actual coding, I’ll try to collect everything in a more-or-less ordered fashion. Compiling … Weiterlesen

Unit testing LibreMesh GSoC final report


I am very happy to have participated in this GSoC. I’ve learned many things and I’ve been able to implement stuff that I hope it is useful. Things that have been achieved Busted unit testing framework integration Coverage report integration. Final coverage output CI integration with Travis. The build was split in two stages: unit … Weiterlesen

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