GSoC 2022 – Implement unit testing – Midterm evaluation

Dieser Artikel stammt von Zur Quelle wechseln. Wir sind weder der Autor noch beziehen deise sich alle auf Lindweiler! Hi Freifunk and GSoC communities! This first month on GSoC where totally exciting! Toghether with my mentors we faced a lot of challenges implementing the unit testing for In the following lines I’m going … Weiterlesen

GSoC – 2021 OpenWRT PPA final evaluation


Dieser Artikel stammt aus den Hey all hope you all are doing. With heavy heart I would like to conclude this beautiful journey of GSoC 2021 with one last blog. First I would like to start by thanking Freifunk, Google and my mentor Mr. Benjamin Henrion for guiding me to become a better developer … Weiterlesen

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