[GSoC’21] RetroShare Mobile

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Prologue :

Hello everyone

This is the first update on the GSoC 2021- Retroshare Mobile App Project.

Recap :

The goal of the first project was:

  • Upgrading the project with new statemangement tool.
  • Adding short invite and QR code invite feature.
  • Adding import account functionality.
  • Upgrading the project with new version of flutter.
  • Adding support of createSigned Identity, deleteIdentity and UpdateIdentity feature.
  • Improving the UI of Add friend Screen.
  • Fixing minor bugs.
  • Adding support of retroshare-service inside the app.
  • Adding Emoji support.
  • Refactor codes.

Achievements :

I have almost added all the features to the app that I was proposed in my proposal for the first half. Currently, I am working on improving the chat backend.

QR Scanner Screen Add Friend Screen About Screen
Create Identity Screen Change Identity Screen Update Identity Screen
Identity Info Screen Emoji Support I Emoji Support II

Related Patches :

Next steps:

  • Work on Retroshare API wrapper with Elrepo mentor.
  • Will work on Forums support in Retroshare App.

See you in the next few days with a new update post. ✌

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