[GSoC’21] RetroShare Mobile : Final Evaluations

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Prologue :

Hello everyone

This is the final update on the GSoC 2021- Retroshare Mobile App Project.

Recap :

The goal of the project in the second half was:

  • Created a new flutter retroshare API wrapper package.
  • Adding support of image in Chat.
  • Added Shimmer Effect for better UI interface.
  • Adding forums Support in Retroshare Mobile.
  • Embedding retroshare service inside the retroshare mobile using QT.
  • Converting retroshare service from background to foreground service.

Achievements :

  • Image support has been added in Chat.
  • Created a Retroshare API Wrapper package.
  • Added Shimmer Effect.
  • Added all the related API’s in Retroshare API Wrapper dart package for forum Supports.
  • Embedded the retroshare service inside the retroshare mobile using QT.
  • Converted retroshare service from background to foreground service.

Related Patches :

Challenges encountered :

Retroshare service a.k.a backend of retroshare mobile was compiled in 2019. So, it was some compilation issue with the new mobile phone which is launched after 2019. For overcoming these issues, I had to find the reason and solution to this problem. That solution is something on which I didn’t work before. So, it took me a long time to understand and still it is not working properly. But I will solve this problem soon.

Future Plans :

  • Add Forum suppport.
  • Improvement of UI/UX.
  • Added CI/CD pipelines.


During this program, I learnt many different things ranging from tools to technologies.

There is still some work needed for the project, which is why I’ll keep on working on it. Contributions, suggestions and feedback are always welcomed.

At the end it is just the beginning of another journey. Good day and fare the well everyone.

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